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"Virginia Fellows pokes into many hitherto undiscovered closets in Shakespeare's historical edifice. The Shakespeare Code brings to light an astonishing and compelling tale of intrigue, treachery and deceit. No reasonable reader will ever look at the 'Bard' the same way again!"
Doug Kenyon, Editor Atlantis Rising
"The Shakespeare Code has it all: love, deceit, betrayal, drama and suspense. Yet over all it is inspiring. A great read."
J.F. Denver, CO
"A double treat, to get to know these wonderful characters so intimately, and to get a suspense yarn to boot!"
DD, Flint, MI
"The book is a wonderful, thrilling, fascinating story....The story is extremely important and needs to be told. It's inseparable from the Shakespearean authorship puzzle."
Simon Miles, Author and Researcher



"To write with powerful effect, he must write out the life he has led—as did Bacon when he wrote Shakespeare."—written by Mark Twain in the margin of a book.


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The Shakespeare Code. Francis Bacon was Shakespeare. Real cipher wheel proves it.
The Shakespeare Code
  • Publication Date:
    July 2006

  • Retail Price: $19.95

  • Pages: 384