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Francis Bacon describes a new and ingenious method for writing in code.
The Shakespeare First Folio is published.


The Shakespeare Code reveals the story of codes concealed in the works of Shakespeare and other writers of his time.

For over 250 years the codes were undiscovered. More than one person suffered severely for daring to speak the secrets they contain.

The codes reveal an explosive story—the hidden marriage of Elizabeth, the "Virgin Queen," murder and scandal, corruption and lies at the highest levels.

And they tell the true life-story of Francis Bacon, the one who devised the codes.

The secret history could not be told in Bacon's own time, so he concealed it in code, hoping for a future when it would be discovered, when men could be free to speak and know the truth.

"The book is a wonderful, thrilling, fascinating story....The story is extremely important and needs to be told. It's inseparable from the Shakespearean authorship puzzle."
Simon Miles, Author and Researcher
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The Shakespeare Code. Francis Bacon was Shakespeare. Real cipher wheel proves it.
The Shakespeare Code
  • Publication Date:
    July 2006

  • Retail Price: $19.95

  • Pages: 384