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Carla Groenewegen

Carla Groenewegen

Born and raised in Holland, Carla Groenewegen studied cultural and religious anthropology at the University of Leiden, graduating in 1981.

Concurrent with her studies she delved into a variety of esoteric philosophies, including Theosophy and Rosicrucianism. Here she first encountered the mysteries surrounding Francis Bacon's life, which led to a life-long interest in the scientific, literary and esoteric pursuits of this great soul.

After pursuing a PhD, Carla realized that the purely academic life was not her calling and left the university environment to find a more spiritual way of life.

In 1984 she founded a small publishing house in Amsterdam, Amethyst Press, which she directed until she emigrated to the United States in 1988. Simultaneously she worked as a free-lance translator, translating ethnographical and other texts from French and English into Dutch.

Since 1985, she has lectured extensively on spiritual topics and conducted seminars and workshops in many cities and countries on four continents-Europe, North America, Central/South America and Australia.

Today she is the director of Summit University, a college of culture, science and religion located in Paradise Valley, Montana. She developed numerous courses and co-authored two text books published by Summit University Press.

In 2004 she became a proud citizen of the USA.


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The Shakespeare Code. Francis Bacon was Shakespeare. Real cipher wheel proves it.
The Shakespeare Code
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    July 2006

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